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Poster: ARossi Date: Jun 7, 2007 1:18pm
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Editing Files


I've already done this for your items, but in the future, here's what you would do:

- check the item out (edit item > item manager > checkout)
- change the files names to have track numbers at the beginning (if there are more than 9 tracks, start with 01 instead of 1)
- delete ALL derived files - oggs, vbrs, 64kbps, m3u, etc. - anything that you did not upload originally yourself. (you cannot delete the xml files, it's fine to leave those.)
- check the item in (if you don't check in, the item will be inaccessible for 48 hours)
- return to edit item > item manager and click the derive button

Running the derive again will recreate all of the derived files with the correct file names.

Your player wasn't working because it was looking for the old file names, which didn't exist anymore since you had changed/deleted them.

Your items are re-deriving right now, so they should have smaller files in a few hours when that process finishes.

Let me know if you need any other assistance.



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Poster: Tim Chaplin Date: Jun 8, 2007 10:14am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Editing Files

Thanks for your help, Alexis.

The Instruction EP and The Acoustic EP are now fine, but The Electric EP doesn't have a 'Whole Item' section in the 'Individual Items' part of the page. I followed your instructions, but perhaps I'm still overlooking something simple?



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Poster: marcus lucero Date: Jun 8, 2007 11:37am
Forum: faqs Subject: Re: Editing Files

Well, that was a weird one! I've fixed it. If you want to know... for some reason some of the old derived files were still listed in the files.xml file even though they didn't exist anymore. We had to go in and modify that file to reflect what was actually in there, then rerun the derive. No idea why that happened, but I sent it along to an engineer in case it's a bug on that machine.